20 Dec 2011


So I have of course, again been distracted with uni and work and... well life. This meaning that I have neglected my lovely blog. One of my MANY new years resolutions is to be better, not just at blogging, at many things but mainly this!

So to start of this new era of blogging I am going to share some very new, very rough work. Self portraiture galore!

Me but not as myself... Hope you like them, or at least enjoy the beautiful analogue loveliness!

Much love xxx

24 Nov 2011


Something a bit different
This is the starting's of a project that has changed in a big way since it started. The beauty of something that is so changing, it means i get to feel like someone different every time I feel like it.  The perfect way to show how being completely lost in something can bring you to something else just as spectacular!

Sorry for the dodgy scanning...but it is the start of something beautiful hopefully.
Love xxx

19 Nov 2011


One of the best and my favourite thing about photography, the amazingly beautiful disasters that can come out of something so rigorously planned...
 Hayley Ruth Elizabeth Green
Hayley Ruth Elizabeth Green

Heres to you my beautiful disasters x x

2 Nov 2011


Faced with a six-hour journey back from the south most would think of hell… stop, start, change, and wait.  And in all honesty usually and some of this journey I probably will as well. However sat the newest station waiting for yet another train (my own fault I might add as I got on the wrong one) I am faced with couple after couple shielding each other from the cold and dark night that has now started to encroach, and in this I am starting to fall in love with the great British rail…not for its seating or its trains that seem to run very oddly on a Sunday but for the way it used to be…romantic and grand. This beautifully old fashioned and dying feeling that seems to come and go has been instilled in me if only for tonight. Although it could just be the soppy love songs I am listening to?!

Next time you are at the station waiting for your next bit of public trainsport take a quick look for the loving couples and reminisce a minute… it will undoubtebly lift your spirits or at least give you a chuckle at your already missed or late train!

Much love x  

24 Oct 2011


From top clockwise: Zoe, Ella, Leanne, and Hayley. 
Ella Barrett, 22
Leanne Thomas, 20
Hayley Ruth Elizabeth Green, 21

So it has been a LONG time since I last posted, for this I am so sorry! As a treat and for some much needed inspiration here are some of my beautiful girls in Polaroid form. The start to a hopefully very beautiful project.

For these wonderful treat's I thank you girls!
Much love x

22 Sep 2011


I have...of late been so consumed by the bloggers I love to read about that I am now going to share there beautiful and wonderful blogs with you!

So here they are... be consumed and absorb some of the stunning work they are doing that is inspiring me everyday. 

I know this may seem a little excessive but some of these girls are brilliant and all of the work is stunning!

Enjoy x x

14 Sep 2011


Ever felt vacant... 

My apologies for the absence of my blog updates I am currently stuck in limbo land, stuck between wanting to be somewhere and wanting to stay. Not that this is a bad thing...lots of head space in here, it is just a shame I seem to have nothing to fill it. Proceed to say something profound...
However this is just a post to let you know that I will be posting again soon, bothering the bloggesphere with my toot! 

Until then...please keep you heads people. Much love xx

29 Aug 2011


So apart from photographing pretty girls and working all that I can I have also been spending some much needed time with some of my very favourite people...
 Falmouth, Fern Pit fun, Crabbing and lots more!!

The feeling of being on holiday when you are just having a day of is lovely...but also a little saddening! However having this time with my beauties was amazing, fun times in my home county can only be made the most of as soon I will be back with my beautiful Southampton lovelies!!

Outfit posts to come very, very soon!!
Much love x x

25 Aug 2011



My best- friend, beautiful girl and I think the enigma. As a start to my photo blogging and not just the outfit posts I have been plucking up the courage to show I decided to put on some work I have done as a start to a new project. Being drawn to photograph beautiful girls...sounds like a given but it turns out I am drawing from a certain age type and this makes me think why? Anyway I love some of these photos of Hayley, she looks delicate and beautiful...what a start. 

Let me know what you think... x x x

4 Aug 2011


Day off well spent I would say, not only some of my Vogue collection but some of the new books I am in love with at the moment. Also my new polaroid... I will make sure I post some pics from it as soon as poss! love x 

fashion faux pas!

The feeling of having so many clothes in you wardrobe but never having something you want to wear... this is something I am facing a lot lately! Not only am I trawling through my clothes loathing what I put on but it is enhanced by the dreaded... ' just put anything on you look fine'. I wait for this every time I take an hour and TWENTY outfits. I am so scared of making a major disaster of an outfit when I should be embracing my clothes and let them show how I am feeling...because isn't that the point of fashion, letting your personality shine through?

So I guess the point of this ranting post is that I am trying to change my thinking about fashion as well as the way I dress and stop getting so bent out of shape about the way I look as this is also warping my dress sense and making me look exactly how I feel... confused and angry and a little disappointed.

29 Jul 2011


Soo I am so new to this, I have been reading blogs for years now and have been jealous and lusting to make my own... so I am finally going to do it!! I am aspiring to write like the great bloggers out there!! But for the time being I am just trying to get used to using my blog and making it look at least a little pretty!! 

I will start posting photos soon... hopefully you will enjoy them!! 
x x x