1 Aug 2012


First and foremost I would like to apologise for my lack of blogging in the last couple of months... Overcome by the last bit of uni life and being launched into the big wide world seems to have gotten on top of me and I have neglected my lovely blog.

From now on I will be posting more regularly, hopefully with more new work and also keeping up to date with what I will endeavour to do after being liberated from the nurturing hands of Southampton and my photography degree.

For now though I would love to give you all a brief insight to all the amazing things I have been doing since my last blog post... So here goes, hopefully you enjoy and let me know!
 Final Major Project 
 Jubilee Fun times-  Filming for Andrew Cross

 Dealing with the mess that became of our Degree show,  so much mess but we overcome it spectacularly!
Flooding and damp ensues! 

 Our custom made gallery, lots of pacing and masking tape created an amazing show space!

 Putting up my Final piece...Nervous and excited praying for no more dramas! 
Officially in Business with my Beautiful business cards...very proud indeed! 
My lovely housemate- Aurora Callaghan and her amazing work! 

 Lauren James- my wall buddy and her stunning prints!

Opening night with my mumma! 
Preparation for our London show at Foto8 Gallery 

Saying bye and thankyou to some amazing people that helped us so much!

Our Amazing Launch into the big wide world! 
Fragments of a Captured Past 2012- Foto8 Gallery

 Say cheese Emily!! 

All our hard work paid off and the show was a massive success! 

 Saying goodbye the the best housemates I could ever have hoped for! 

 Work experience with David Yeo and Lashes clothing line! 
 Working with Andrew Cross- A Bucolic Frolic at Dye House in Peckham 
 Relaxing in Richmond and Sipping cocktails in Peckham before returning to Cornwall 
 For three years I have eagerly awaited this moment and dreamt of this result!
 SOOOO proud of everything I have done over the last 3 years! And to celebrate this and the start of the summer...
Let them eat cake!!

Sorry for the really long post and the amount of photos but at least you now know why I have been neglectful and hopefully you have enjoyed looking at all I have done as much as I have enjoyed doing it! 

Now on to the next chapter....Job hunting it is then! Wish me luck.
Lots of love, E x