4 Aug 2011

fashion faux pas!

The feeling of having so many clothes in you wardrobe but never having something you want to wear... this is something I am facing a lot lately! Not only am I trawling through my clothes loathing what I put on but it is enhanced by the dreaded... ' just put anything on you look fine'. I wait for this every time I take an hour and TWENTY outfits. I am so scared of making a major disaster of an outfit when I should be embracing my clothes and let them show how I am feeling...because isn't that the point of fashion, letting your personality shine through?

So I guess the point of this ranting post is that I am trying to change my thinking about fashion as well as the way I dress and stop getting so bent out of shape about the way I look as this is also warping my dress sense and making me look exactly how I feel... confused and angry and a little disappointed.

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