2 Nov 2011


Faced with a six-hour journey back from the south most would think of hell… stop, start, change, and wait.  And in all honesty usually and some of this journey I probably will as well. However sat the newest station waiting for yet another train (my own fault I might add as I got on the wrong one) I am faced with couple after couple shielding each other from the cold and dark night that has now started to encroach, and in this I am starting to fall in love with the great British rail…not for its seating or its trains that seem to run very oddly on a Sunday but for the way it used to be…romantic and grand. This beautifully old fashioned and dying feeling that seems to come and go has been instilled in me if only for tonight. Although it could just be the soppy love songs I am listening to?!

Next time you are at the station waiting for your next bit of public trainsport take a quick look for the loving couples and reminisce a minute… it will undoubtebly lift your spirits or at least give you a chuckle at your already missed or late train!

Much love x  

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