30 Mar 2012


So over the last three weeks I have been part of installing and invigilating a new show by Stephen Brigdale. An intense and fun experience that is only just starting... Heres to the next month!

 Lettering for the show being put into the walls 
 Tables coming along nicely!
 Everything is on the straight and narrow

Opening night

 Making the most of the gallery time!
Keeping cosy is key! 

Just a snippet of the work that went on behind the scenes, but all worth it for the end result... Come down and take a look if your near by in Southampton!! 

Eden x

21 Mar 2012


Whilst I am spending hours and hours working away and scanning inspiration images I managed to get swallowed up by the scanner... The only thing that got left behind seems to be my hands.

Pretty fun outcome though...what do you think??

Eden x

18 Mar 2012


Ok, so after trawling through the charity shops and finding lots and lots of little gems I came across an amazing printed dress with matching jacket. Turns out when there is more than one of you that is charity shop obsessed ( All of my house mates), it works well with a two piece like this... However, this amazing jacket has sat and sat in my room waiting to be loved for too long. So as a means of procrastination I decided today to turn it into something even more beautiful that I can wear in the new season.

This is what I made and how I got there!

1. Cut of the old sleeves 
 2. Hem the new holes 
 3. Cut out new capped sleeves and hem
 4. Attach new sleeves
 5. Lower the neck line so the top can be worn either way as a blouse or t-shirt 

 6. Attach some pretty buttons

Hopefully you like my new pretty top, and this is one of the ways I might wear it... I will post an outfit photo when I have worn it!

Let me know what you think!

Eden x

12 Mar 2012


I have been pretty lacking in my making work as of late... So to get back into the swing of things I ventured into the studio after a long pause to photograph the beautiful Emily Coles from Ems darkroom and the amazing Becoming r.a.g.e to test out some ideas.

Emily Coles- emsdarkroom.blogspot.com and becomingraje.blogspot.com

Getting over excited about the dreamy colours and a little bit carried away is just what my brain needed to spark some creativity! Bring on more shoots like this one...
Eden x

6 Mar 2012


Ok, so I know it is Tuesday already, and this is indeed a post about the weekend but at the moment they couldn't come fast enough! After a productive-ish week of stress and worries about 'where will I be in 4 months time?' a beautiful weekend was just what the doctor ordered. And I know technically Monday isn't the weekend but assisting in London to the brilliant David Yeo  gave another little creative release!

So heres my weekend wrapped up in pictures... enjoy!!

My beautiful house mate Aurora and an amazing coffee!

 sunshine and shadows

 Lethal vodka Jelly 
 One bottle of wine...in one glass! Magical!

 Rainy Sundays spent in bed 

 Keeping cosy 

 Greek Taverna and beautiful light shows 

 Reading materials after a very long day on a very long train journey!

 Copy cat photo...who's who?!

 The best way to spend the afternoon after a stressful day!

Just a few photos to keep you going! Bring on next weekend!