21 Oct 2012


WOOTD- I love dresses, they are the easiest way of feeling smart and dressy with minimal effort... I love that you can wear a dress in so many ways and it will look different! This is one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe... It is super comfy, smart and cute!

Boots- CHC charity shop, Dress- Primark, Cardigan- Vintage Woolsey, Scarf-H&M, Necklace- Vintage flea market, Nail Varnish- H&M.

Two posts in one day I know, I was so busy yesterday with all the fun that I got behind...Hope you like my Sunday outfit! I am starting some new work experience tomorrow with an amazing company based in my very own home town called Excess Energy so I will make sure I post my outfit and let you know how it went!

Let me know what you think of todays post... What's your favourite thing in your wardrobe?

Eden x

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