6 Mar 2012


Ok, so I know it is Tuesday already, and this is indeed a post about the weekend but at the moment they couldn't come fast enough! After a productive-ish week of stress and worries about 'where will I be in 4 months time?' a beautiful weekend was just what the doctor ordered. And I know technically Monday isn't the weekend but assisting in London to the brilliant David Yeo  gave another little creative release!

So heres my weekend wrapped up in pictures... enjoy!!

My beautiful house mate Aurora and an amazing coffee!

 sunshine and shadows

 Lethal vodka Jelly 
 One bottle of wine...in one glass! Magical!

 Rainy Sundays spent in bed 

 Keeping cosy 

 Greek Taverna and beautiful light shows 

 Reading materials after a very long day on a very long train journey!

 Copy cat photo...who's who?!

 The best way to spend the afternoon after a stressful day!

Just a few photos to keep you going! Bring on next weekend!

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