11 Feb 2012



Monday 6th Feb, Travelling to London at 5am was the start of a busy and exciting day of assisting the brilliant David Yeo at Hasselblad studios. After months of planning and changing things around I finally managed to wing my way all the way up to the big smoke to brave my first assisting job with David for a new fashion label, Lashes of London! How grown up I feel, and yes this could be seen as a small first step onto the ladder of employment...but for me, it's big and exciting! Just like London!

So from me to you...some of my day in polaroids and digital snaps in the form of 'fake' look a likes! ENJOY!!

 Complete white out, meaning I'm not quite used to my camera and a million flashes!!

A big thanks to Davids Yeo for having me! Check out his website for more of his amazing work!!

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